April 18, 2019
The Globus first opened in the shopping center
The Globus German retail chain has opened a hypermarket in a new shopping center near the Salaryevo underground station. The opening took place on April 11, 2019 and became an anniversary event for The Globus Russia. The Globus Salaryevo is the first hypermarket of the chain located in a shopping mall. The shopping center is implemented on the basis of a transport interchange hub. Customers have direct access from the Salarievo underground station and the bus station. The total area of Salaris shopping mall is 313095 m2, the area of the Globus hypermarket is 26500 m2 including 9915 m2 of floorspace.

"The hypermarket has its own production, which is the company's hallmark - a butcher's, a fishmonger's, a cookery, a baker's, a confectionery, sushi and rolls. In total there are 45000 articles in the hypermarket. 1,800 articles are produced under the own Globus brands." notes Svetlana Mosina supermarket manager.

The Globus Salaryevo created about 700 employment for residents of the city and the surrounding areas.

Salaris shopping mall has good car accessibility, and a residential complex is being actively built nearby. The shopping center is provided with 5500 parking spaces, including a two-story indoor parking and park-and-ride. 1,200 parking spaces are specially reserved for visitors to the Globus. 1200 high-comfort parking spaces with a width of 3.5 meters specially reserved for the Globus visitors.

Earlier it was reported that Kuban farmers will provide Globus with fruits and vegetables.