April 24, 2019
What will Paveletskaya Plaza be like?
Mall Management Group presented the concept of Paveletskaya Plaza shopping mall at the Mapic Russia exhibition. Paveletskaya Plaza shopping center project was first presented at the MAPIC Russia retail real estate exhibition by Mall Management Group, which was held in Moscow from April 16 to 18, 2019. It will be located on a land plot of 2.7 ha on the first line of the Garden Ring Road on the square next to the Paveletsky Railway Station. Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019. The retail space will consist of 3 underground levels. The total area of the Mall will be 73000 m2, including 33000 m2 of leasable area. An underground parking will be equipped with 350 seats for guests traveling by car. During the project development much attention is also paid to the public space and the restaurant component (24% of all leasable area). The recreation area will be organized at the highest level.

«Nowadays, diverse shopping opportunities are not enough to attract and retain visitors. At the stage of project development, our main task was to present a completely new format of the shopping center to the residents of Moscow. In Paveletskaya Plaza shopping mall project, we paid special attention not only to the shopping and entertainment component, but also to public spaces and food outlets. Following global trends, the new shopping center will be fully integrated into the architecture and infrastructure of the city, and modern design solutions will create a sense of a single space for visitors.» notes Alina Strelkova, Director of Commerce and Development of Object Groups at Mall Management Group.